Loving Spoonful connects people with good food across Kingston & Area. 

Working toward a healthier, more connected community, we provide programs and champion policies affecting food security, poverty, social inclusion, and community health.

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Loving Spoonful’s fresh food deliveries are AMAZING. As a service provider for clients who live in poverty it is wonderful to be able to offer fresh food. We educate our clients on the various types of produce in the stand and help them with meal ideas.

Julie Langan

The John Howard Society

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Loving Spoonful's supporters help to not only make fresh, healthy food available to all in Kingston & Area, but to also bring people together to create a vibrant and healthy community. We are so thankful to all our donors who share our vision of a healthy, sustainable, food-secure community. You help make our work possible. All donations -- big and small, one-time and recurring -- are gratefully accepted.


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