Loving Spoonful envisions a resilient community and local food system, that nourishes all people and supports dignified access to local food.


Community Members
served at Community
Harvest Markets in 2023


Value of produce
grown in our Gardens
and at our Community
Training Farm in 2023


Community Kitchen
Workshops held
in 2023


Value of local produce
collected & distributed
through our Gleaning
program in 2023

child eating lettuce

food sovereignty

All of our programs work towards the goal of food sovereignty:

“Food Sovereignty is the right of peoples and communities to healthy and culturally appropriate food, produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define and control their own food systems.”
La Via Campesina

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Local Food Access

Improving equitable access to fresh, local food

Community Kitchens

Cooking, learning and eating together


Supporting farmers by building connections in the local food system


Empowering gardeners with new skills and knowledge to grow food in the city

get involved

Volunteer with us!


For educators, gardeners, and advocates

“I’m encouraged that there are so many people committed to positive ecological and social practices. It’s easy to get discouraged when there are so many people being ground down by capitalism. Loving Spoonful is a little corner of the world where people value humans and the environment.”

Community Harvest Participant