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Loving Spoonful envisions a resilient community and local food system, that
nourishes all people and supports dignified access to good food.



We're now accepting donations of fresh produce from your garden!

Find out details here:


We're connecting people with answers to their questions about growing!

Join us here:


We're looking for some helpful hands to join us gardening and/or gleaning!

Check out 'Gleaners/Gardeners' here:

Donate Today

Help make good food available to all in Kingston & Area, and build a sustainable food-secure community!

All donations -- big and small -- are gratefully accepted. 

A Fresh Take on School & Community Fundraisers!


Loving Spoonful is teaming up with Patchwork Gardens, taking a fresh spin on school and community fundraisers with our Farm Fresh Fundraiser: Carrots for a Cause!

Farm Fresh Fundraisers allow individuals and families to enjoy local and organic produce, support local farmers and give back to their community while raising money for their own organization or cause!

Carrots for a Cause features Patchwork Garden’s exceptionally flavourful and crunchy carrots. They are so tasty because they are grown using regenerative farm practices with a focus on healthy living soils. Each bag of carrots is 610 grams, and costs $6.00.

A key liaison in your organization will need to coordinate the following fundraising activities:

- Promoting Carrots for a Cause to the school community

- Submitting the school order, collecting, and remitting funds to Loving Spoonful

 - Recruiting and organizing volunteers

 - Coordinating order delivery day and distribution

If you are interested in running a Farm Fresh Fundraiser, contact Michelle Kehoe, Program Director, by email at:

Community Harvest Markets open June 13, 2023 - October12, 2023

Community Harvest Markets.jpg

Community Harvest, one of our urban agriculture programs, runs three collective gardens throughout Kingston.


Loving Spoonful also has a 2-acre urban farm at 100 Days Rd., next to Lakeside Community Garden. Along with help from volunteers and farm training participants, staff work together to plant, cultivate, and harvest a wonderful variety of delicious vegetables at these urban agriculture sites.

At the Community Harvest Markets, all items on the table are available at a sliding scale, $0-5 per item. With this dignified access model, we allow people to choose what they like from a broad array of fresh, local food, and everyone is treated with the same respect regardless of how much they pay.


We use agro-ecological principles at all of our garden sites, meaning all plants are grown without herbicides and pesticides, and we aim to build healthy living soil and agricultural ecosystems.


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" Loving Spoonful's fresh food deliveries are AMAZING! As a service provider for clients who live in poverty, it is wonderful to be able to offer fresh food. We educate our clients on the various types of produce in the stand and help them with meal ideas."


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