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Canoe For Change

Over three summers, Carol VandenEngel and Glenn Green canoed 8,515 kilometres across Canada. Everything from intense weather and bears to breathtaking landscapes and lovely strangers were part of their journey, following old voyageurs' routes. Their goal? To raise awareness about food security, and support for Loving Spoonful. We can't thank them enough!

They are now home in Kingston, but they continue to be dedicated to improving the quality of life for the millions of Canadians who live with high levels of food insecurity, poor health and social isolation. They continue to raise funds for Loving Spoonful on new support-raising adventures, and they are also open to speaking to groups about their experience and their cause.


Keep up with this incredible couple by visiting the Canoe for Change website, and by following them on the Canoe for Change Facebook page! Support their cause by clicking here:


Paddle Across Canada Campaign

Year 1:  In 2017, Carol and Glenn's journey started in Ottawa, Ontario and finished in Sydney, Nova Scotia. A few hair-raising moments and many memories of meeting lovely people and savouring nature. 

Year 2:  In Spring 2018, they left from Vancouver, British Columbia. Following the waterways of the fur traders and Voyageurs, they made it to Fort Francis, Ontario before the snow started to fly.  

Year 3:  In June 2019, they picked up where they left off, and started in Fort Francis, Ontario to head home to Kingston through Ottawa. What a cross-continent journey of human power!

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