Donate Food

Join hundreds of food donors including farmers, gardeners, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores and butchers in donating your fresh food to Loving Spoonful. Whether its surplus fresh food, or a generous donation to the community that you have grown, or your workplace is simply dedicated to donating good food, Loving Spoonful is grateful to deliver it to over 40 shelters, hot meal programs, pantries and Fresh Food Market Stands, making Kingston healthier!

Fresh food donations are: 

  • Safe -- all staff are trained in Safe Food Handling

  • Free from Liability -- see below

  • Free of costs on your end -- we provide pick up and delivery free of charge; we just want healthy food to get to those who need it most!

  • Convenient -- we set up a mutually-acceptable pickup schedule

Produce from farmers and gardeners can be dropped off from June to October. See Grow A Row drop off locations and times here.


The Ontario Donation of Food Act ensures that food donors who are acting in good faith are not liable for their food donations.

Healthy Food Guidelines 

Our Healthy Food Guidelines direct all of our activities in collecting and delivering healthy, fresh food. We accept fresh produce, bread, meat, most deli and dairy products, soups, unserved sandwich and fruit and vegetable trays, and some healthy foods within a safe range of their best-before dates (but not past expiry).

Getting Started 

We make it easy!  Free, safe, and convenient.  Most importantly, providing good food for some of the 20,000 people in the Greater Kingston Area who live below the poverty line, and for shelters like Interval House and hot meals like those at Salvation Army locations.

Please contact us at 613-507-8848 or today! We thank you!