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Local Food Access

Through active engagement of volunteers and partners, Loving Spoonful moves good local food across the city to ensure that it is accessible to all in Kingston & Area.

The food we reclaim is all local produce! All of this beautiful food passes both Loving Spoonful’s Healthy Food Guidelines and our moto that we only deliver it if it is fresh enough to feed our own families. People in poverty or struggling at a shelter need nothing less to cope.

Find out more about our Local Food Access program below:


Where does the fresh food come from?

Local Food Donations

Surplus local food donations are picked up from farmers, gardeners, and butchers by our volunteer Local Food Delivery Drivers.

Fresh Food Sources

Our donations of fresh food are sourced locally in various ways.


Grow A Row

Every growing season, dozens of farmers and gardeners plant and grow an extra row for donation, and deliver them at specified drop-off locations. Loving Spoonful volunteers deliver this harvest directly

to our community.

Drop Off Locations

Saturday - 9 am - 3 pm - Kingston Public Market

Springer Market Square

Eggplant and Basil.jpg


During the months of August to November, the Gleaning Project works with local farmers, youth and community volunteers to harvest surplus crops in backyards and farmers fields for direct donation to our community.

Fresh Food Recipients


Where does the local food go?

Donated fresh food directly goes to ensure that the most vulnerable in our communities have access to the supremely nourishing power of fresh, good food.

Local Community Agencies

When local community agencies receive fresh food, not only are they able to provide this nourishment to the people they serve, but they also free up some funds to go towards delivering their service programs, staffing their facilities, and keeping their operations going. 

Local Food Market Stands

Loving Spoonful's Local Food Market Stands have been placed in locations where the need is the greatest, and they make good, local food available to anyone who walks by. Anyone who needs it is welcome to take it -- no questions asked -- providing access to good food with dignity.

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Fresh Food Delivery


Thank you to our volunteer Local Food Delivery Drivers! This wouldn’t work without you.


Join the brigade and help us to make sure everyone has access to fresh food! Click on the "Be a Volunteer Local Food Delivery Driver" button below to learn more about this volunteer opportunity, or email

How does Fresh Food Delivery work?

Check out this video from YGK Experience as they ride along on one of our fresh food delivery routes!

"Thank you sooo much for the wonderful produce you delivered this past Tuesday. It was gone within a few minutes! The folks who received it were quite excited!"


"My wife and I are having fun doing these. She was a prison nurse for 27 years and is very understanding of the folks at the recipient agencies. We feel that how they end up in these situations isn't the issue, but that anyone deserves good food and a friendly face."


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