Fresh Food Delivery

Fresh food delivery – every day – to those who need it in Kingston. That’s what Loving Spoonful and our dedicated, conscientious volunteers provide to 52 locations across Kingston & Area.

Since 2008, $1.94 million of fresh food has been collected and delivered!

Food reclamation PR delivery 13
Loving Spoonful Food Reclamation
Loving Spoonful Food Reclamation
Food reclamation PR delivery 13
Loving Spoonful Food Reclamation
Loving Spoonful Food Reclamation

The food we reclaim is all healthy and perishable:  vegetables, fruit, baked goods, meats, dairy products and healthy prepared foods. All of this beautiful food passes both Loving Spoonful’s Healthy Food Guidelines and our moto that we only deliver it if it is fresh enough to feed our own families. People in poverty or struggling at a shelter need nothing less to cope.

Fresh Food Donors

Food reclamation donors are covered by the Ontario Food Donation Act and have a great experience thanks to the professionalism of Loving Spoonful staff and volunteers. Click on the "Be a Fresh Food Donor" button below if you want to donate fresh food.

Fresh Food Delivery Drivers

Thank you to our volunteer Fresh Food Delivery Drivers! This wouldn’t work without you.


Join the brigade and help us to make sure everyone has access to fresh food! Click on the "Be a Volunteer Fresh Food Delivery Driver" button below to learn more about this volunteer opportunity, or email

Curious about how Fresh Food Delivery works?

Check out this video from YGK Experience as they ride along on one of our fresh food delivery routes!

"Thank you sooo much for the wonderful produce you delivered this past Tuesday. It was gone within a few minutes! The folks who received it were quite excited!"


"My wife and I are having fun doing these. She was a prison nurse for 27 years and is very understanding of the folks at the recipient agencies. We feel that how they end up in these situations isn't the issue, but that anyone deserves good food and a friendly face."


Connect with us:
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