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Resources here will be updated regularly. Please check in often, or join the "Garden For Good YGK" Facebook Group to stay updated.


Thanks to a generous donation from Rona Kingston, gardeners can get free seeds to start their gardens! They are being safely distributed through deliveries from any the following retailers. Just be sure to ask them put in a package of seeds with your order.


Ask a Master Gardener by Rideau 1000 Island Master Gardeners

Join them weekly for practical gardening advice through Q&A conversations, talks and workshops. Come with any and all gardening questions!

When: Every Thursday afternoon from 1:00-1:30 pm starting Thursday, April 9th.

Where: Virtually via Zoom. 

Registration: Register here in advance. You only need to register once, then you can join in any week.


Garden For Good YGK Facebook Page

Helping to grow food for your families and the community while learning new skills, this page will be populated with all things related to growing food! Tips, Tricks, links, videos and local supports from seedling to harvest and community donation!

Master Gardeners of Rideau Thousand Islands Vegetable Gardening page

Planting calendars, garden planning guides, crop specific care suggestions, and more!

Master Gardeners Guide to Local Nurseries, Seed and Soil Suppliers

What’s open & what’s not? Here’s a list of local suppliers for the plants, seeds, soil and compost you need for the 2020 gardening season.

Kingston Area Seed System Initiative (KASSI)

Your local seed saving experts!



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