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The GROW Project

Loving Spoonful’s GROW Project teaches students in 21 schools across Kingston and area about good food, community, collaboration, and environmental stewardship.

Good Food * Community * Collaboration * Environmental Stewardship
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The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental, emotional, social and physical health and wellbeing, and the incredible resilience of strong communities.  The Covid-19 pandemic has also acted as a point of reflection and an opportunity to make the GROW Project even more meaningful and sustainable. Our new GROW Project model emphasizes local community connections and virtual learning that is complimented by place-based, experiential, outdoor education. We have incorporated all of Loving Spoonful’s programs into the GROW Project so students have enhanced opportunities to connect with good food, the environment and their community.
Through our program, students learn to understand the importance of their ecosystem and the role of everything within it, changing the way they think about where food comes from and learning how to make a difference in their community. The GROW Project not only builds resilience in individuals and families, but supports community belonging and wellbeing.

Want to adopt the GROW Project? We would love to work with you to bring the GROW Project to your community.

Please contact our GROW Coordinator, Leslie Hanson, at to learn more! 


Thank you everyone who help to make this program a success including school boards, teachers, students, partners, supporters and our wonderful community. 


Special thanks to the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area for supporting our GROW Project


I can't believe I actually like kale!"


"Being in the garden makes me feel happy and relaxed. I like knowing that we're not just growing for ourselves but for the whole community."


"Two of my kids have been through the GROW Project and each year when they've finished they've come home and started planting their own vegetables. This summer they had all sorts of things growing. I came home a few weeks go and they were actually serving up salads from the garden. It's so great!"


"Things like the GROW Project will change the world. This is where we need to put our energy."


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