Guiding Principles


Loving Spoonful connects people with good food across Kingston & Area.  Working toward a healthier, more connected community, Loving Spoonful provides programs and champions policies affecting food security, poverty, social inclusion, and community health.

Strategic Plan:  The Map

Firmly Held Values

Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) Endorsement:  Loving Spoonful has endorsed the proposal for a Basic Income Guarantee as an effective way to create a food-secure community.  Read Loving Spoonful’s endorsement here.   

Living Wage:  Loving Spoonful pays a Living Wage and is a member of the Ontario Living Wage Network.  Read more about it here.

Healthy Food Guidelines:  All of Loving Spoonful’s work is guided by Healthy Food Guidelines that the Board and staff have developed and wholeheartedly embrace.  Read them here. 

Good Food Principles:  As a member of the Good Food Organizations of Canada, Loving Spoonful also embraces these Good Food Principles, listed here

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