Host a Helpful Happy Hour

and help us spread the word!

Loving Spoonful does great work in Kingston, connecting over 15,000 people every year with healthy food through GROW Project school gardens and classroom programs, Community Kitchens, Fresh Food Delivery and Fresh Food Market Stands.


But most of Kingston has never heard of us!

We need your help to expand awareness about Loving Spoonful’s work. Would you gather friends for a Helping Happy Hour, a Loving Lunch, a Purposeful Porch Party?  Or maybe an Efficacious Eucher Evening? Whatever works for you!

Loving Spoonful will provide:
•    Brochures about Loving Spoonful’s impact
•    Fun fresh food trivia cards
•    And – if you’d like and we are available, we’ll send an engaging storyteller to briefly share our best Loving Spoonful stories (10-15 min).  If you prefer, you can simply talk about your experiences with Loving Spoonful.

Why does Loving Spoonful need more people to know about our work?

Loving Spoonful is strictly non-profit, working only locally and is funded mainly by supporters like you.

The provincial grant that allowed the expansion of our GROW Project ends in 2020.  This funding has allowed us to teach over 800 students in school gardens & classroom programs every year.  We can’t let 800 students down – and we won’t if you help us build community support to continue the GROW Project.  That will only happen when people in Kingston know more about the huge impact they can have.

You Can Help!

Support the next generation learning in school gardens while celebrating with friends! 


To receive your Loving Spoonful Party Kit and to request a speaker,
contact Mara at or call 613-507-8848.

On behalf of 800 students in the GROW Project and thousands of others who benefit from your support of Loving Spoonful, THANK YOU!

Connect with us:
613-507-8848  |  |   263 Weller Ave #4, Kingston, ON K7K 2V4

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