Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack & hundreds of other students in KFL&A learn in the school garden-based GROW Project.  Jack's beanstalk is taking him to hands-on, experiential learning in his school garden and seven curriculum-connected workshops.  He'll meet farmers and teachers along the way.  He'll discover that beans send out roots before leaves; that some bean plants grow as vines and others as bushes; that beans are delicious and that he can grow for those who can't afford good food.  

Does that lead to Jack's career as a farmer?  A chef?  Or just open his eyes to a lifetime of curiosity?  We celebrate any outcomes that connect Jack to good food, collaboration and community!  

The GROW Project is brought to 17 schools in the Limestone District School Board by Loving Spoonful.  5 additional schools will join in 2019!

Learn more about the GROW Project here! 

Thanks to Oscar Martinez Munier for posing as our Jack.  He's as magical as a bean stalk, but a lot funnier.  Photography by Viara Mileva, who also has a sense of humour.

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