Old Mother Hubbard went to the Cupboard

Old Mother Hubbard sadly has good company.  Over 17,800 people in Kingston  (14.8%) live below the poverty line putting good food out of reach.  Loving Spoonful’s Fresh Food Delivery reclaims good food and delivers it, thanks to a wonderful crew of volunteer drivers, to over 50 social service agencies and 19 Fresh Food Market Stands all over the city.  Over $1,500,000 of fresh, healthy, surplus food has been picked up from grocery stores, gardens and farms and delivered to those who need it most.  Learn more here.

We know our Fresh Food Market Stands are a great addition to peoples' lives, but they can't provide real food security.  That comes only when people have the financial capacity to afford the food they need.  That's why Loving Spoonful has campaigned for the Basic Income Guarantee.  Read our letter to our MPPs on the issue here.

Here’s to healthy eating Mother Hubbard!   

Thank you, Carolyn Hetherington, actress, for portraying Ms. Hubbard.  You really got into the role with the mop hat!  Photography by Viara Mileva, who also has some great hats.

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