Kingston Community Gardens Network

Loving Spoonful convenes the Kingston Community Gardens Network, with the support of the City of Kingston.

The Network was established to support the creation of new community gardens on City-owned and to help existing community gardens flourish. At times, we may be able to support the creation of community gardens on private land, but this is capacity- and funding-dependent.


  • Support & celebrate Kingston’s community gardens, food forests and orchards
  • Inspire Kingston residents to grow more food, for themselves and for others
  • Expand opportunities for urban agriculture in the Kingston area
  • Host events and workshops to encourage learning and build community
  • Support the start-up process for new community gardens, food forests and orchards
  • Administer grant funding through the City of Kingston’s KCGN Grants Program (for gardens on municipal land) to support new gardens and garden improvements

    Community Garden Types

    There are now over 35 community gardens throughout the Kingston area, and the list is still growing! There are three types of community gardens in the Network, click on the garden type to see a list of current gardens:

    Allotment Gardens

    Allotment gardens have plots (allotments) that individuals/families can rent year-to-year for growing their own crops. Many allotment gardens also include collectively-managed donation plots, seed saving plots, or other projects.

    Collective Gardens

    Collective gardens are gardens that are managed communally by a group of people. Many collective gardens grow produce for donation. Some are open to the public to get involved, others are exclusively for the staff/volunteers/clientele of a particular agency.

    Community Orchards/Food Forests

    Community orchards, or food forests, are plantings of fruit and/or nut trees that are managed by community groups. Some are attached to existing community gardens, some are independent.

    see below for a map of gardens in the Kingston Community Gardens Network

    Get Involved

    If you are interested in getting involved in a specific garden, please contact the coordinator of that garden directly. To find the contact information for individual gardens, click on the type of garden you are interested in, above, to find the list of gardens and their coordinators’ contact information.

    If you are interested in starting a new community garden, you can find more about that process here. This document outlines the annual timeline for processing a new or expanded community garden application on City-owned land. It can take up to 12 months to work through the application process for a new community garden or garden expansion.

    Staff Contact

    Marie Bencze
    Gardens Manager

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