Outdoor Kitchens – on demand

Outdoor Kitchens travels to communities within the city that typically do not have access to recreational facilities with kitchens to offer food literacy program outdoors.

Community partners can book our Outdoor Kitchens program to offer cooking workshops to meet the needs of their program participants on a sliding scale basis.  

Outdoor Kitchens initially grew out of a need to continue meeting safely in community while facilities were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Program Offerings/Options

Some examples of our Outdoor Kitchens program popping up in Kingston include:

  • Indigenous land-based events 
  • Farm-based cooking workshops 
  • Community gardens activities
  • Cooking workshops for various community service organizations

Get Involved

Outdoor Kitchens is offered by request and is dependent on the availability of the Community Kitchens program staff.

Staff Contact

Cherilyn Burnell
Community Kitchens Coordinator

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