Wiisinidaa Minwaa!

The Wiisinidaa! Program is delivered in partnership with Tipi Moza (Iron Homes). The Ojibwe word, wiisinidaa, means “let’s eat”.

Community Kitchens and Tipi Moza (Iron Homes) received a second grant through the Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF) that is named Wiisinidaa Minwaa! (“Let’s eat again!”).  Tipi Moza residents are offered the opportunity to build an array of life skills over their three-year stay at the shelter. One of those critical skills is building food literacy at the weekly cooking workshops hosted by Community Kitchens.  Once again, monthly workshops are supported by Knowledge Keepers, where participants can learn ways to prepare traditional, country foods and create space to share culture and language. 

An additional component of the grant will include holding two land-based outings. Knowledge Keepers will lead food foraging and demonstrate how to prepare/preserve these foods and medicines.

Program Offerings/Options

This program is in partnership with Tipi Moza and is developed for clients of Tipi Moza.

Staff Contact

Tibratā Gillies
Community Kitchens Manager

Funded By

Thank you to the Community Investment Fund for your support!

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