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A legacy gift is a lasting statement of your generosity and your commitment to the future of your community.  It is one of the most valuable ways you can help Loving Spoonful.  Legacy funds provide us with financial resources required to operate the programs that are creating a more food-secure and food-connected community. What a legacy!​

When planning your financial future, consider making a legacy gift of which you and your family can be proud.  Leaving a legacy gift with Loving Spoonful can be easily achieved with a gift by will or funded with appreciated securities or life insurance.  Giving in this way can also reduce your personal taxes and increase benefits to your estate and its beneficiaries.

Mr. Hans Blaser creates the Loving Spoonful Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area, Spring 2017.  
With former Loving Spoonful ED Mara Shaw (left) and Community Foundation ED Tina Bailey (right).  Photo credit:  Viara Mileva Photography



With the elimination of capital gains taxes on donations of publicly traded securities, these gifts are now the most tax-efficient way for donors to make a greater impact with their gift.  Securities include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, bills, warrants and futures traded on approved stock exchanges in Canada and certain other countries. 

Life Insurance

A donor can make an outright gift of life insurance to a charity by transferring the policy ownership today or by naming the charity as a future beneficiary.

Retirement Funds

Use tax-deferred assets accumulated for your retirement to support a charity, after you no longer require them.  Convert an "end of life" tax liability into a meaningful charitable gift.  Moreover, retain control to easily make revisions should your future circumstances change.


A charitable bequest is a gift by will and is perhaps the simplest form of planned gift to arrange.


A gift of capital, funded with any of the assets listed above, can be used to establish or add to an endowed fund which is held and invested to generate interest and dividend earnings for the benefit of a charitable organization.

The Loving Spoonful Endowment Fund

The generosity of Mr. Hans Blaser has created the Loving Spoonful Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area that we (and Mr. Blaser) invite you to add to.  It is an enhanced spending fund that gives Loving Spoonful a long-term base of support for all of its programs.  If you prefer that your securities be directed elsewhere, that is also possible.  You can even start your own endowment fund.  


What makes an Endowment Fund "Enhanced"?

This is a fund which draws down capital over time, so it won't last forever, but will make a bit more money available than the interest rate and will support the charity for "a good long time".

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